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"Shipping off to the world tour!"
Date of Birth
June 6, 1966
Birth name
Murdoc Alphonce Niccals
Place of birth
Stoke-on-Trent, England


Friday, 11 March 2011 16:46
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The Fall

Well, this is curious...I don't remember recording this one at all. A whole album...and nothing. But it's got the Gorillaz name on it so I must have done it! Did I? Really? Yeah...I probably did. Did it on an iPad using all the music apps...Fatbooth, FaceAche, iBeer, InstantAlbum...all the great apps. "Great Appz"... Anyway... to all of you 'technology lovers' out there... the CD and digital release will be out soon. "April-ish!" Parlophone said to me...


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sunnykid Pizza? WHERE?? ME MUST HAVE PIZZA! *Runs around in a search for pizza, to no avail*
1 week ago
custom1911a1 I've seen pizza, I'm interested 0.0
4 months ago
teflaloca MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
4 months ago
russela hello murdoc well merry christmas happy holidays. well im a big fans but we are not like those crazy fans like ... '' oh 2d will you take a pictre with me? '' im not like that at all and you are secretly my favrite person in the gorillaz band. my sister does not like you really.she likes 2d and noodle.
4 months ago
DJ2D4lyfe ok,in all my years of Gorillaz fandom, i always thought you were untouchable,but if this is nearly the end then wow i can't even put into words. stay strong :D -DJ2D4lyfe
4 months ago
Venecia I hope that one day 2d of a kick to Murdoc!!! XD
4 months ago
charliem11 i can remember when all of us talking like mad on this site but now its like a ghost town when the new gorillaz album comes out soon then this site will go mad
4 months ago
Zilkenian Wow...time has been cruel with you, man...
4 months ago
charliem11 so guys when will gorillaz make a new album
5 months ago
sunnykid So, no pizza then? ...Nooooooooooo! xD
5 months ago