2 Down!

Thursday, 10 June 2010 12:04
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What a day! It turns out I'm actually pretty good with the old grey matter! World class by the looks of stuff!

Dave posted some puzzles under my door this morning as he knows I get bored out my face. Anyway to get to the point, it took me a few goes to get the rules but now I'm some kind of Sudoku god! The world record is a few minutes or something and once I got going I managed the second one in under 50 seconds! The moment a Guiness world record official makes it to the island I'm pretty much guarenteed to be in the book for the second time!

Don't get me wrong, it's not easy, the other numbers around the board can really throw you!

Mensa here I come!




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mswow65 lol
4 months ago
ragzd He does a whole lot better then I do...
12 months ago
Seruliaa why is every other comment on here ableist tho?
1 years ago
cupcakeninja nawww.. how cute ^^
2 yearss ago
Luumy :3 2D... awwwwwwww ....
3 yearss ago
Luumy :3 que lindoo sabes que, 2D sos super tierno...segui jugando jeje!=D
3 yearss ago
Maricel I have play it!! i dont know why, but i think its a little fun! Instead, if im really bored.... And i can see u have A LOT1 of mistakes! :P better luck next time! ;)
4 yearss ago
MrDee ... I don't play much sudoku but I guess there might be a mistake in yours...
4 yearss ago
medajose Well... that's harsh. He did what we could, that's... what matters... I think... I hope he's having fun, at least, ain't he? But well... impressive... I'm shocked about how "special"... he... succeds to be...
4 yearss ago
brettstar2 hmmmm, he may be slow but he is good at solving hard soduku with a faded pencil
4 yearss ago