The DoYaThing Video is alive!!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 10:37
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The time has come! Check out the new Gorillaz video for DoYaThing on youtube.

And don't forget you can download the track from


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2dnoodlerock ikr i am not a jerk i have been sending letters to kong studios to make them come back i think it was effective so if ur gonna call us jerks just cuz we wont talk to u then u can stick a sock in it and stop assuming things
1 hour ago
ravage657 I can't wait for Gorillaz' new arrival in 2016. :D
3 weeks ago
GoNoodle Jerks. Am I alone here? I thought you guys were #1 fans as am I!
4 weeks ago
GoNoodle C'mon people, chant w/ me. GORILLAZ!GORILLAZ!
4 weeks ago
GoNoodle Why is 2D in his underwear? Sick!!!
4 weeks ago
Sphynia-cat I want to have either of these two as a father just awesome af.
4 weeks ago
Skykidnoodle Who that guy in bathroom and it look real and why there ears there and murdoc a bulky
1 month ago
gorillazroc great vid, cool song, awesome band! lol :p
2 months ago
unicron Andre 3000 is like we are not doing anything
3 months ago
iLOVE2d19 me too! i am in delton, and i am 11 too.I LOVE GORILLAZ
3 months ago