Doctor Dee tickets for sale

Tuesday, 31 May 2011 13:09
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Manchester International Festival

Damon Albarn and Rufus Norris 'Doctor Dee' premieres in July 2011 at the Palace Theatre for this year's Manchester International Festival.

Tickets are available from Ticketmaster

Dr Dee Manchester International Festival


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azy Dr.Dee.....
4 yearss ago
emush isk et inch a Dr Dreein??
5 yearss ago
Brianna8cD ACTUALLY if y'all pay attention to the "phases" they all go through, they was a period of time when Noodle wasn't there or present cuz she was I think either lost or captured and she was trying to find her way back home. In Melancholy Hill, the music video shows part of her journey going back to Plastic Beach. So Murdoc had built Cyborg Noodle for protection(like in Stylo) and also to take her place for the time til Noodle came back. And so somewhere later, she DID come back (Melancholy Hill). And when she probably was captured or lost was in El ManaƱa, watch the YouTube video for it when they perform at the David Letterman show.
5 yearss ago
jessicalynn @Brokensaturn can you send me a picture. ):
5 yearss ago
demondays12 this seems like a weird musical but it looks good
5 yearss ago
Cyzio Ok, Damon is involving in something different. Just read the real news. Obviously he does not have time for nothing more. If the real noodle doesn't want to be on the pictures why are you whining about that? Cyber Noodle might be only an icon. The rememberance of the real one. Don't forget that Gorillaz was originally meant to be something for fun, stupid and here we are, for me gorillaz is far more better than Blur or The Good The Bad And The Queen. Are you entertained with this site? I am sure you are. But to keep it that way they must release everythng partially. Plastic Beach adventure probably has not more but 5 episodes aka missions so it will take 3 more years to end the story. Then, Damon will create something new. Is that disappointing for you people? I strongly recommend to buy Plastic Beach experience with the dvd - Plastic Beach - the making of. It is all there - how Jamie and Damon feel about their creation.
5 yearss ago
namlived @Brokensaturn: Don't worry they won't do that, it's probly just because Noodle wasn't available when the pictures were taken. I'm more concerned about Murdoc's well being.
5 yearss ago
BrokenSaturn I know I shouldn't but I get a little worried about the new Gorillaz group pictures because most of the don't have Noodle in them. Most have Cyborg Noodle and the rest of the band. It worries me becuase it's sorta like that they're trying to replace the real Noodle. :(
5 yearss ago
ZombiezCrasy I wonder if they will do the song Universal. It's my favorite due to the elements of Anthony Burgess's novel and Stanley Kubrick's film A Clockwork Orange. If not, oh well.
5 yearss ago
namlived on light_rose's profile 2dmrn said,"I'm getting a new account" then vaportrail said "it's me", it wasn't realy that hard to figure out.
5 yearss ago