Gorillaz Band Rehearsals

Friday, 12 March 2010 16:04
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Gorillaz will open up rehearsals to audiences around the UK ahead of their headline show at Coachella in April. These are band rehearsals only – it will not feature full Gorillaz production. Only subscribers to the Gorillaz fan club (G-Club) are eligible to buy tickets

The Dates:

21st March – Portsmouth Wedgwood
22nd March – Bristol Trinity
23rd March – Cambridge Junction
25th March – Brighton Old Market
26th March – Birmingham Irish Centre
27th March – Lincoln Engine Shed

The G-Club is now officially open. You will need to click on the G-Club button on the Gorillaz.com homepage, purchase a subscription, log in and follow the link to tickets from the G-Club homepage, then choose which date you want to buy tickets for. Tickets are £15 with a £2.50 booking fee.


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Tengo hmm, could anyone tell me the name of the guy with bass guitar. He's my favourite but unfortunatley i don't know his name, surname or bio :S :S please help me ))
5 yearss ago
JayheadJ420 i met them in 2005 and wasn't even a member.But they were cool and Great at the Apollo!Keep on Rockin'!
6 yearss ago
Guerra G-Club* Whoops~
6 yearss ago
Guerra if only I could afford to be in the D-Club. What a dream. Hope everyone who is in the G-Club and did go to the rehearsals enjoyed it as much as they possibly could. One day, I'll have my glory day and I'll be able to meet Hewlett and Albarn. One sweet and patient day.
6 yearss ago
pughga brum gig was the best they've done so far!! plus ants instead of gold too!!! nice!!! brum, best crowd so far. chanting for mick and paul was a nice touch. bring on camden!!! this year is amazing for gigs, amazing!!! damon you're still rocking my world 20 years down the line!!! you're too cool!
6 yearss ago
SueB Brighton gig was outstanding. It was so good seeing Damon really enjoying it and Mick Jones didn't stop smiling. I can't wait for the Roundhouse gig to get the full blown experience. Well done guys!
6 yearss ago
davembodd i cant wait for tonight in digbeth, damon holds these parts close to his heart. ive got alot of jelous mates. plus if it couldnt get any better were all getting a toy car!!!!
6 yearss ago
pughga brighton, so good. brum tomorrow then the fri in camden. gorillaz fix defo sorted. QUESTION...what happened to the horrors and barry gibb collaborations for the new long player??
6 yearss ago
3bergen well was brilliant in Cambridge as well!!! Very cool to see them in such a small club.... If you can, go see them!!
6 yearss ago
mandiviv Happy Birthday Damon x
6 yearss ago