DoYaThing is out now! Download it for free!

Thursday, 23 February 2012 16:53
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It's out! "DoYaThing" - Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy...3 Artists, 1 Song. The MP3 is available now for download free here :

Hear what Murdoc has to say about it...


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GoNoodle I mean a shoe, not a show.
5 months ago
GoNoodle Why did Murdoc throw a show at 2D? And why in the comics does it show Murdoc hugging 2D? Everyone knows he's a jerk.
5 months ago
NOODLE2015 do ya danm thang do ya thang a thang,how come 2D didin't wash his sands, i still love him though.
6 months ago
gorillazroc yea i honestly think all of their songs r amazing
6 months ago
nira I seen the video and the making it was awesome great work guys
7 months ago
gorillazroc omg happy late birthday 2D i luv gorillaz
8 months ago
2DismyBF I totally luv that song!!!!! :D :D and it has the best music vid ever!!! :D :D
11 months ago
GrimReap how do i get the download i clicked the link but didn't download?
1 years ago
nekomiu220 happy brithday 2D!!!!!
2 yearss ago
Luumy Me encanta ese tema!!=D, porque Gorillaz no vulve?? Vuelvan porfavor!!!!!=D el que este conmigo ponga Gorillaz es lo mas...okk vaa
2 yearss ago