Escape To Plastic Beach for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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Chapter 3 of our fantastic game "Escape To Plastic Beach" is now available to play on the iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch and is ready to download from Apple's App Store NOW! Experience Plastic Beach as never before. Guide Murdoc around the Island; dive through thermals, dodge pirate galleons, foating mines and more while trying to stop 2D from escaping. Eight increasingly difficult, addictive levels will leave you screaming for more!
Escape to Plastic Beach iPhone Game Coming Soon
  • GameGreat accelerometer control system
  • 3d-graphicsFantastic 3D graphics
  • Access to a Gorillaz Live streamUnique vocals from the 2D and Murdoc
  • 8-addictive-fast-paced-leve8 addictive, fast paced levels

The game features designs by Jamie Hewlett and music and voice-overs from the band themselves! A must have game App for Gorillaz fans and gamers alike!