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Winner Announced: jirouta!

On 2nd November Gorillaz and Internet Explorer 9 invited you to draw and design "The Evangelist", and upload your entries for 5 rounds of public voting, with the final winner to be chosen and re-drawn by Jamie Hewlett. Drawing and voting has now closed, we received over 5,000 amazing drawings and over 175,000 votes and we can now reveal that the final winner has been chosen and it is....da, dah DAH.... jirouta.

jirouta, Jamie has redrawn your design and you will be receiving a framed, signed print of his artwork in your giftpack within the next few weeks. We will be in touch to get your contact details.

Many congratulations to the winner, to all the finalists and to everyone who sent us their fantastic work – we have been overwhelmed by the response! Gorillaz and Internet Explorer 9 wish you all health and happiness for 2011.

Please note by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you consent to the fact that: Jamie Hewlett may redraw your entry, it will become owned by Gorillaz and if it infringes any third party rights it will get removed straight away. You must be a registered gorillaz.com user and read and agree to the full Competition Terms and Conditions before submitting your entry.

Competition Week Schedule

Drawing Voting
Week 1 2nd-7th Nov 9th-15th Nov
Week 2 8th-14th Nov 16th-22nd Nov
Week 3 15th-21st Nov 23rd-29th Nov
Week 4 22nd-28th Nov 30th Nov-6th Dec
Semi Final 7th-13th Dec
Finalists 12 finalists announced 15th Dec
Winner The winning entry redrawn by Jamie Hewlett will be revealed on
6th Jan 2011, here on Gorillaz.com

Who is "The Evangelist"?

"The Evangelist" is the opposite of "The Boogieman"; the light to his awful shade. "The Boogieman" has appeared in several images from the Gorillaz world, and now featured in several videos. "The Boogieman" is believed to a dark and hideous figure, composed of all the evil in the world, all wrapped up inside his black swirling cloak. He has a gas mask for a face. He may have reappeared throughout history, an ominous figure accompanying the re-emergence of Murdoc Niccals through all of time.

"The Boogieman" ate the soul of the Policeman in the 'STYLO' video, appears to gas 2D to bring him to the Plastic Beach island in a Gorillaz ident and most recently was seen dragging the manatee down in the 'On Melancholy Hill' video. Who or what The Boogieman is largely still unknown but it looks like he's here to collect on Murdoc's long outstanding debts, perhaps to drag him down for good.

"The Evangelist" is a similar entity, but the flip-side of "The Boogieman". He/she may even be revealed as "The Boogieman's" avenger. His/her outer appearance is yet to be defined. Many rumours fly around of his/her description. Some say that he/she is dressed head to toe in white rhinestoned-leather. Some say he/she rides a glowing white Unicorn. Some say the Unicorn likes other Unicorns….One report has stated that the Evangelist looks like a knackered cowboy on a drunken horse". Maybe all or none of this is true. Who knows? His/her true appearance will be decided in this competition. All ideas, styles and imagery will be considered.

Competition Terms and Conditions